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Television is my vice, but spirituality, family-time, reading, writing, photography and helping others are the activities I take very seriously. Veganism and positivity gives me creative inspiration. I’m an introvert, but most people are unaware of that, because I laugh a lot, smile even more, and I love humanity. My life is usually quiet and simple, and then something amazingly awesome happens out of nowhere. After serving on the frontlines of the Gulf War in Iraq, I studied journalism and theology at the University of St. Thomas. As a Higher Education Consortium on Urban Affairs (HECUA) alumni, the Northwest Indiana Post-Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times sent me on domestic and foreign news assignments for the next 15 years. With hopes of illustrating more intimate stories, photography, poetry, and publishing sprouted as my personal passions. These gifts enable me to continue traveling worldwide. Blogging is a tool I use to raise autism awareness, and to highlight other unique topics. I’m humbled by the favor and kindness I receive from so many beautiful and brilliant people. Mindful and grateful of all my remarkable experiences, most important is creating new memories with my own family everyday.

I do amazing things for clients and humanity


Anthony Thigpen writes for newspapers, magazines, and websites to prepare news for publications. He also provides ghoswriting services for amateur writers. He places the public good above all else and exercises the discipline of verification. During the past 2-decades, Thigpen has written news articles, blogs, and produced videography spanning from education to religion.


This precision portfolio photographer aims to capture a perfect mix of art, style and story-telling. As a photo-journalist, Anthony Thigpen aims to capture the kind of candid images that enable clients to seize a series of memories for a lifetime.


Literacy in Motion, LLC has published more than 35 authors. As publisher, Anthony Thigpen negotiates royalties, supervises creative directors of graphic design, edits manuscripts, assigns copyrights, ISBNs and bar codes, and manages promotions for print-on-demand. He has also written 7 books, which are available anywhere books are sold.


Anthony Thigpen serves communities internationally as a mentor and missionary. He travels domestically and abroad impacting the lives of Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans to helping impoverished families throughout Africa and South America. Showing compassion through charities, organizing continued involvement, and establishing educational endeavors for disadvantaged orphans is Anthony’s greatest passion.


Since 1998, I’ve been engaged with community involvement as a print journalist. I use my professional skills and personal talent to write articles for newspapers, magazines and websites. For nearly 2-decades, I specialized in writing features and columns for the Northwest Indiana Post-Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times Newspapers. My experience as a print journalist has provided me the opportunity to impact lives internationally.

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One day, I picked up a camera and never put it down. I work hard to harness the power of images. I use the latest digital full frame Cannon camera with luxury quality lenses for the highest resolution possible. I come equipped with tri-pods, straps, UV filters, extended batteries packs, back drops, and more. Photography has taken me around the world. My ultimate goal is to capture the magic of telling stories with pictures and videography.


As the owner of Literacy in Motion book publications, I am privileged to serve as the publisher for more than 30 amazing authors. We use Amazon as our print-on- demand and Kindle resource provider. In addition, Literacy in Motion has published 7 books authored by myself. Our goal is to mobilize your mission using multi-media resources from choice literature, editorial services, photography, videography and publishing. We also generate web content for clients, aid in the creative process, and consult for best marketing practices and public relations.


It is important to work, save and give to others. Charity is the work I do to influence individuals to treat all living souls with human dignity. I am a lover of humanity. I aim to help spread kindness around the world. For two-decades, I’ve taken trips to Asia, Africa, South America, and across the United States to aide in physical, spiritual, occupational and social wellness. I encourage others to join me by giving their time, financial resources, attention, and energy to enrich the lives of impoverished people who are desperately disadvantaged.

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“Embrace your true identity, imperfections included, and watch the world fall in love with your legacy; people don’t expect perfection, instead we crave reality.”
- Anthony Thigpen

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“Mr. KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) is a true missionary. In 2012, he visited Uganda and stayed in a remote village called Mateete. He was keen in supporting vulnerable school children, needy families, and orphans. After evaluating our education system, he realized so much lack in the schools, one of which was communication systems, like computers. So, when he went home to the United States, he mobilized help from his community for multimedia technology. Afterward, he returned to Uganda the same year, to help students learn how use the equipment. These computers enabled children to develop skills in primary school that would not ordinarily have used until high school or university. He also raised social awareness between two cultures and countries. This inspired some students to travel to the U.S. for study visits. It inspired American students to take advantage of free public education. He connected many Christians, Ugandans to Americans. KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) is a champion of development and progress of communities, especially because of his passion to impact lives.”
- John Robert Emetu, Ugandan Citizen AFRICA

“Anthony Thigpen is a visionary. He is a man that is driven by action and high standards. After knowing him for over 40 years, I've witnessed how he has allowed his personal beliefs to motivate him towards selflessly fulfilling the needs of others. Whether volunteering his time towards mentoring youth, providing journalistic services to religious leaders, or educational missions in Africa, Anthony follows his heart and acts on his beliefs. Many people say what should be done, but very few act. Anthony is not just a visionary, he’s a man of action.”
- Tim Burleson, Family Case Worker INDIANA

“Anthony Thigpen is the most gifted and professional writer and photographer I’ve known. His publishing company, Literacy in Motion, has published two books for me. He has written news articles, mission and vision statements, and much more on my behalf. His portfolio is exceptionally eye-catching with some of the highest resolution images eyes will ever see. He also uses his journalism skills to help so many people in need, even raising more than $10,000 for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Whether out of this country or in his own community, KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) changes lives.”
- Bishop Sieon C. Roberts, Sr., Pastor of New Hope Church INDIANA

“KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) started as my childhood mentor, which carried over into my adulthood. I’ve had the privileged to support his endeavors in Africa, entitled 'Through the Eyes of Africa'. He has always exhibited the utmost character traits and always lead by example. I pride myself in knowing that I have a mentor/friend of his stature in my life.”
- Adoniss Gibson, Jr., Atlanta Police Department S.W.A.T GEORGIA

“Mr. Anthony Thigpen is an individual of the highest character and moral fiber that I've had the honor to meet. Twenty- five years ago, I learned that I needed a heart transplant to survive. After knowing me for only 60 days, he sold all of his possessions and relocated to my hospital room in San Antonio, Texas as my support system. He stayed throughout the entire process, alongside my family, as the hospital located a heart, completed the transplant, and initiated my recovery. We've been friends for 25 years, and he maintains the same high character, morals, dependability, intelligent, and compassion. He is truly a high quality human being. He adds value to any individual, community or organization within his reach.”
- Michael Googe, Executive Protection Specialist CALIFORNIA

“Working with Anthony Thigpen has been joy. He’s photographed my wedding anniversary, family portraits, and other important events. Professionalism and dedication is what clients can expect. Anthony has captured some of the best memories that my family will share for a lifetime. I could not have chosen a better person for the job – Anthony embodies Greatness.”
- ShaRee Lee, Owner of In Any Events GEORGIA

“I have worked with Anthony Thigpen on numerous projects for almost 15 years. During his interviews, he's always tells a story within a story. His creativity coupled with literary skills allows him to always capture and showcase diamonds in the rough. His style, wit and journalistic approach is highly sought after by so many. Working alongside Thigpen during musical performances, religious festivities, award shows, book publishing events, and even my own wedding, gives me great pleasure to see him soar as an iconic journalist.”
- Marcus E. Hare, Lake County Youth Services Founder INDIANA

“I am so proud of my son, Darrell (Anthony Thigpen). Not just because of what he has accomplished as a reporter and photographer, but for his compassion for people. He loves helping others.”
- Rutha M. Morrison, Mother of Anthony Thigpen INDIANA

“Anthony Thigpen is truly one of a kind. Throughout my childhood, I suffered from a debilitating stutter that led to feelings of low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. KaDarrell’s (Anthony Thigpen) mentorship and use of literary techniques combined with spoken poetry, empowered me to overcome my stutter. I now speak publicly on a weekly basis at conferences, churches, academic institutions, and community events.”
- Cameron Jones, Minister at The Rock Church of Evansville INDIANA

“KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) is inspiring. His actions speak volumes. Everything I ever heard him say he wanted, or wanted to do, it eventually got done. He takes the time to learn things and study people. He selflessly helps others expecting no personal benefits in return. He is motivated to take risk and try new things and he always uses that same energy to motivate others to do great things for themselves. He is one of the most nonjudgmental people I have ever met, which allows him to bond with people of all walks of life, and he's able to bring these people together to accomplish what ever task needs to be done.”
- Michael A. Vinson, Army Veteran INDIANA

“I’ve known Anthony Thigpen for over 22 years, and he has always been one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. Whether working with youth in Minnesota, Indiana, Guatemala, India, or Africa, his involvement and presence is invaluable – not once has he asked for anything in return. So, whether it’s doing free photo- shoots for economically challenged teens and families, or traveling to Africa to establish a computer lab in a remote village, without hesitation he sacrifices. I am proud to have supported his ambitions for over 2 decades.”
- Ron Giles, Sr., Bank Management MINNESOTA

“Anthony Thigpen is a man of great integrity, dedicated 100% to his family and work. Anthony is the epitome of a selfless person who has devoted his life to the betterment of others. I recommend with the highest regard and consider him my most trustworthy confidant.”
- Laura Newcomb, Owner of Autism Academy for Education and Development ARIZONA

“KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) listened to my daughter as she expressed her thoughts and wishes regarding her senior pictures. At the same time, he was confident, creative, able, and ready to run the photo-shoot professionally. He executed his craft respectfully, taking his artistry seriously, while creating an atmosphere of genuine humor and fun. The environment KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) created felt safe, and I knew my daughter was in good hands.”
- Melissa West, JPMorgan Compliance Officer ARIZONA

“After four years of hard work at Hinge Studio in Chicago, I needed marketing and public relations help in order to promote my Solo CD release. Anthony Thigpen listened to the tempo of my music and the beat of my heart. He designed a plan, gathered a team, and delivered the largest CD release ever held at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, Indiana. I am forever grateful.”
- Sharla Johnson, M.Ed., Vice President, Johnson and Johnson Ministries ILLINOIS/INDIANA

“We are back in India remembering our initial visit years ago, Brother KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) went with our team as a newspaper journalist reporting on our entire trip. He helped make our mission a success. Most importantly, during our visit we were able to help enrich the lives of orphans living in Chennai and Thirumullaivoyal, India. Bishop John Rajiah of Eternal Word Ministries named a new facility in Thiyaga Durugam after our church. The experience was life-changing, and KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) published a series of newspaper articles that enabled our experience to live forever.”
Dennis Walton Pastor of Faith Temple of Christ Church INDIA

“KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) has been a fantastic role model and a father-figure that I call “Dad”. Over the years, he has taught me everything from treating people with respect, to living an organized and successful life. During my high school years, the Thigpen’s opened their hearts and home and allowed me to live with them. His love and advice has shaped my life for the better. He is truly a shining example of how a respectable man lives life.”
Marvin Hearn, Food and Service Professional INDIANA

“KaDarrell (Anthony Thigpen) has been able to share his craft of writing with adults and children! He has traveled throughout the United States and abroad with children on missionary trips. He teaches youth to use writing to capture their experiences while traveling and in life! His most compassionate writing experience with a child occurred with our daughter, Amber. They co-authored the book “From Daddy to Daughter”! This book is a treasure for Amber and generations to come!”
- Clara Thigpen, M.Ed., Elementary School Principal (Wife of Anthony Thigpen) ARIZONA

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